TRI's First Radio Interview

Today we had our first radio interview with "Living Better in San Diego", a news station featuring community leaders and newsmakers.

Over the summer, TRI's partnership with the International Rescue Companies, one of the largest humanitarian charities in the world focused on helping refugees and migrants. With TRI providing refurbished laptops and MacBooks, the IRC was able to give them to Afghan refugees and give them a better opportunity in life.

Our combined efforts were noticed by Vicki Pepper's radio segment, "Living Better in San Diego" and we quickly decided to meet for our very first radio interview.

After details were set and questions were prepared, Anisa Abeytia, Senior Digital Inclusion Project Lead with the IRC, and Gary Liang, Co-founder of the TRI, called in for a 20-minute segment with Living Better in San Diego. The interview went smoothly and is set to air at 6 am on Sunday 9/25, as well as being published on Living Better in San Diego's website.

We are very grateful to Vicki and her team as well as Anisa and the IRC for making such a partnership possible, allowing us to spread our influence as well as make a positive impact on San Diego.

You can listen to the interview segment at Living Better In San Diego by visiting their website or reach the IRC at their website by clicking the highlighted links.

If you wish to support TRI in any way, reach out by emailing with any inquiries, requests, or donations.

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Published on 9/25/2022 by Gary Liang