TRI Summer Event With IRC

TRI Summer Event With IRC
TRI Team in IRC El Cajon with Hanifa Vega (Left) after a successful donation event. 

DNHS Students Donate Electronic Devices to Afghan and Iraqi Refugees at IRC El Cajon

After working over the summer to collect and refurbish electronic devices, a group of driven students from Del Norte High School (DNHS) embarked on a mission of compassion, collaboration, and empowerment. Their destination: the El Cajon location of the International Rescue Committee (IRC), where their dedicated efforts resulted in the donation of 15 laptops and 8 Chromebooks to Afghan and Iraqi refugees. This remarkable act of kindness marks the culmination of over a year-long partnership between DNHS's Technology Relief Initiative (TRI) and IRC, a partnership built on the shared goal of using technology to provide refugees with essential tools for education, job applications, and networking.

Empowering Refugees through Technology

The recent donation of laptops and Chromebooks is a testament to the power of collective action and unwavering dedication. As DNHS students walked into IRC's El Cajon location, they brought not just electronic devices, but also the promise of change. With these tools, Afghan and Iraqi refugees will have the means to learn essential skills, access online resources, and connect with a world of opportunities that might otherwise be out of reach, especially among the aftermath of COVID-19.

TRI's Commitment to Change

The triumph of this donation event reinforces TRI's commitment to making a lasting impact in the lives of those in need. By leveraging their expertise in computer repair and technology, these DNHS students have truly become change-makers, driving positive transformation in their community and beyond.

A Year-Long Journey of Impact

The journey that led to this significant donation began over a year ago when TRI initiated its partnership with IRC. Recognizing the crucial role technology plays in helping provide societal opportunities especially during and after COVID-19, TRI committed to donating computers that would serve as a gateway to new opportunities. From learning English to applying for jobs and connecting with others, these devices would become bridges to self-sufficiency and growth.

A Message of Gratitude and a Glance Forward

As TRI celebrates this remarkable achievement, they extend their heartfelt gratitude to the International Rescue Committee for their partnership, dedication, and tireless work in supporting refugees. Together, TRI and IRC have demonstrated the immense potential that arises when organizations collaborate to amplify their impact.

Looking ahead, the partnership between DNHS's Technology Relief Initiative and the International Rescue Committee promises even greater strides in the pursuit of positive change. The journey to provide refugees with essential tools and resources is far from over, and with each laptop, Chromebook, and act of compassion, the path toward empowerment grows clearer and brighter.

To learn more about Technology Relief Initiative's efforts and how you can contribute, please visit or reach out via email at Together, we can bridge gaps, ignite potential, and transform lives through the power of technology.

Published on 8/15/2022 by Gary Liang