TRI Donates Devices to Homeless Shelter

TRI Donates Devices to Homeless Shelter
TRI caps off a productive summer with a device donation to Operation HOPE-North County.

On August 27, 2022, Technology Relief Initiative donated 2 iPads to Operation HOPE - North County, a nonprofit organization which runs a homeless shelter in Vista, CA.

Operation HOPE's mission is to allow the homeless to regroup and rebuild their lives in a caring and supportive environment. They do this by providing beds, free meals, and training to their clients. They have partnered with food banks and other nonprofits for food, equipment, and other amenities.

The nonprofit organization had been dealing with an influx of volunteers over the summer and were tracking volunteer hours and availability manually, as they were dealing with a lack of equipment and no funds for a tracking software. TRI lent out a hand and donated two iPads to Operation HOPE, enabling them to track volunteer activity efficiently without having to worry about equipment and funding issues.

TRI appreciates Operation HOPE- North County's efforts to fight homelessness. The organization may also be in need of additional funds and other resources to allow them to do even more for the homeless.

TRI is grateful to the city of San Diego for their generosity and helping bridge the digital divide, as well as providing devices to underfunded organizations. TRI will continue to collect, refurbish, and donate devices to meet the technological needs of families in need.

You can read about Operation HOPE - North County by visiting their website and following their Instagram by clicking the highlighted text.

Reach out to TRI by emailing with any inquiries, requests, or donations.

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Published on 8/30/2022 by Rohan Agarwal